Saturday, June 1, 2013

All Things New!

Today my mom, sister, Linc, and I went shopping in Jacksonville. As I put on a dress and straightened my hair I started thinking, "Who would've thought the girl who constantly wore tshirts and running pants would be getting dressed up to go shopping?" And then God reminded me of this verse,

He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." [Revelation 21:5]

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with you getting ready to go shopping? Well friends, I'll tell you. For most of my life, I never dressed up. EVER. I'm sure I wore dresses when I was little because my mom put me in them, but once I hit about 11 or 12, they were gone. I guess I just haven't ever been into getting dressed up. I mean, I just didn't see the point. I probably didn't own a dress until I was 14. And to make it worse, I didn't actually wear dresses outside of church until I was pregnant with Lincoln at 17. And ladies, here comes the worse part.. I didn't own a straightener until Christmas of 2011.. I was 19. That's just pure craziness. I mean, my hair was super long. I needed a straightener, obviously. (My super always-put-together sister was probably cringing every time I walked out of the house. Sorry, Kays!) For some odd reason though, when I had Lincoln things completely changed. I love getting dressed up. I love dresses, Essie nail polish, and if you buy me a pair of wedges I'll love you forever.

In my life, this verse means so much. Lincoln was the start to God making me new. Everything about me new. God made my heart new, my spirit and my mind. And in an ironic way, he made my feelings about my physical self new, too. As I look back on the past three years, I am just in awe of where He has brought me from, and the changes He has made in my life, my attitude and my heart. Although when I read this verse, I think about Heaven and how He is making everything new and preparing us to go and preparing a place for us, today He put different thoughts in my head. How awesome and incredible is it that The God who made all of creation and can bring people back to life cares about me enough to make me new. How daunting is it that He cares enough to put me back together when I fall apart. How astounding is it that He cares to mend my heart when it breaks, and to hold every tear that I cry. Are you in a situation today where you need God to make you new? Or maybe you need God to make your situation new. I'm here to tell you, my Jesus.. He made a promise. And from experience I know, my Savior never breaks His promises. Take a chance on Him today, you won't regret it. I'm living proof that He makes ALL things new.

Just for laughs and proof.. This picture was taken for a slideshow at church in 2009 when Pearce graduated. I knew it was going to be in front of our whole church and you see what I picked out to wear. And there I go again wearing my hair up constantly. My word. I needed help.
Here's to redeeming myself! What I wore shopping today.. dress, cute shoes, cute hair. It's a miracle what God can do! ;)

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