Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Overnight Trip!

So this past weekend Lincoln slept away from home for the first time ever. Yes. He's two and he had never slept anywhere but his bed. ..For good reasons, too. This sweet kid is on a great schedule, and this momma did not wanna mess that up. But since Uncle Pearce was graduating this weekend, we loaded up the car and headed to Tampa! Lincoln, Papa, Geesh, Momma, MoMo, and Matt all went. I'm not even gonna lie, I'm so proud of him for how well he did!

So Friday morning at 8:00 we headed out. (With a whole lot of snacks, toys, movies, and juice, I might add.) Lincoln watched movies the whole drive, and did wonderful. Portable DVD players are a lifesaver. I want to say we only stopped twice.. I could be wrong though.

This was at soon as we started the trip. Yawning at 8:00 in the morning.. Not good.

He perked right up when he got some chicken nuggets at lunch, though.

And we basically got to enjoy a flood in Starke, FL.
We got to Tampa much earlier than we expected and we went straight to graduation. That was good until Lincoln decided sitting down was no fun. So we walked.. and walked.. and walked.. until it started. Lincoln sat on one of the steps because heaven knows that seats aren't quite as awesome as the steps that everyone has to walk up to get to their seats. By the end of it, Linc was exhausted and ready to go. Which is why he's not in any of the family pictures.. Not smiling at least.

See what I mean? Tired, hungry, and ready to get out of there. (But oh, so cute in his striped polo!)
So then we went to dinner and by that time I had no clue where the camera was.. That and the fact that Lincoln didn't want to sit in his seat and pictures were the last thing on my mind. After dinner we went back to the hotel, and my little water bug did his thing.

Let's add to this trip that he loves to run down hotel hallways. Like Dash. From the Incredibles.

His face is priceless in this picture. You'll have to zoom:)
Then came bedtime. I have no pictures of that. But it went a little bit like this.. Tried watching TV. He wouldn't sleep. Turned the TV off and he heard people in the pool so he sits up to tell me, "Oh my!" 16 times.. Then I go to turn all the lights off and I stub my toe.. Finally late at night he fell asleep from exhaustion. And despite the fact that we had a queen bed, he slept on top of his mom.. All night long. I probably had 1/16 of the bed to myself. After a long night of kicking me and cuddling (kind of), he woke up at 6:40. (For those of you who don't know his schedule, that's earlier than normal.) So we got up and had breakfast.

And of course I have lots of pictures because it was early in the morning and we were 'well rested'.. or something like that.

And then back to the pool we went!
Then we went shopping for a little bit while we waited to go to IKEA with Uncle Pearce.
Where I snapped this incredibly adorable shot of him reading (a coloring book) in Barnes and Nobles. He also got a shirt for the winter that says 'My Mom Rules.'
Then we went to IKEA, for a really long time. After that we had lunch, and headed home..
And of course little boys who have big weekends fall asleep as soon as they get in the car.. :)
Congratulations Uncle Pearce, we love you!

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