Sunday, May 26, 2013

Days 5 - 10!

I'm super awful at this. I mean, really.. I'm terrible. Here goes my attempt at catching up!

Day 5
Tuesday, May 21

Mondays are test day at school so I always wear a tshirt and jeans. Tuesdays are my dress up days. I even put on makeup this past Tuesday. That's gotta cancel out my unattractive look on Mondays!
Day 6
Wednesday, May 22
Pretty sky on the way to school!
I asked Lincoln to smile for a picture and this is what I get. Only slightly terrifying, right?
Day 7
Thursday, May 23
We decided to watch a movie and this is how he chose to lay down.
Throwback Thursday!
Day 8
Friday, May 24
I so love Kirklands, especially when they're having a sale! New house stuff!
My sweet Superman. So cute!
My boy woke up sick :( No sleep for us!
Day 9
Saturday, May 25
Cinnamon and I took the boys to the St. Mary's aquatic center today! Love spending time with our best friends!
Day 10
Sunday, May 26
My sweet angel has strep. I seriously can't believe how energetic he has been all day considering we were up ALL last night. Here's us laying in bed watching Cars.. We've been doing that all day long.

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