Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 4!

Okay, so after this post I will be all caught up! I'm sorry for being so behind the past few days! I'll try to start keeping up more!
Today I came home from school and when I walked up to the house a snake tried to kill me. Okay, maybe that's dramatic.. But a snake really was about four inches from my foot and I had flip flops on. SICK. Then before dinner I tried to kill it but it got away. After dinner I saw it again and finally killed it. That's right. I hate snakes, so this is a huge accomplishment. Plus my mom gave me $25 for killing it for my insane bravery. (Please notice my adorable leopard print rain boots, which are perfect for not letting snakes crawl on your feet!)
And all this happened after some geese tried to chase me down at school today. It is not my day for animals!

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