Saturday, March 16, 2013

God's Timing

If you're friends with me on Facebook then you've probably seen a pretty big announcement I posted on there earlier this afternoon. If not, here it is.. I got into nursing school!! But the funny thing is, this is a God sized story in which He deserves to get all the glory!!

The story starts back when I started my application for the May program. The deadline for applying was February 1st and I got my application all turned in. I was so anxious about waiting the 6-8 weeks to receive a letter saying whether I did or I didn't get in. I kept praying about it thinking that God would clearly give me an answer and I would kind of know what the outcome was going to be. Instead of a clear yes or no, God kept asking, "Will you love me as much if you don't get into the program?" Well let me just tell you, that scared me. I felt like that was God telling me I wasn't going to get into the program. So I prayed harder and tried to answer that question with a yes. 

On the fifth of this month, my dad walked in the front door with a letter from the nursing program. He woke me up and I was somewhat in a daze. When I read where it was from I immediately jumped up and tore it open. Long story short, I didn't get into the program. To put it lightly, I was devastated. I spent a good part of that day crying and worrying what was going to happen now. Basically they advised me to apply again, so I decided I would. Later that day Linc and I drove to mail some of my books back and every single song on the radio played something that settled my heart. God kept reminding me of the question that I answered yes to. I was reminded that my love for God shouldn't be determined by what He does or does not do for me. So I got my application all ready to be turned in and took the nursing exam again. So today Pearce, Lincoln and I went to the school to turn in my application. Finally I had studied God's Word and spent so much time with Him that He reminded me that He has a plan and it trumps anything I could ever come up with. I was finally at peace with God's plan to not have me in nursing school in May. I even left the school today feeling confident I would get it for the Fall.

Fast forward to later today.. I got a voicemail asking if I was still interested in the program. I called back and the head of the nursing program informed me she had a spot for me in May! 

And yet again, I am reminded that God always has a plan, it's always better than I could imagine, and when I have faith everything always works out! He is always good, and is always faithful. When I calm down, have faith in Who He is and what He's doing, everything works out for my good! So this girl starts nursing school in May and I am so excited for this new adventure!

Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. [Psalm 37:4]

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