Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Precious Moments

Caution: This is going to be sappy. It may possibly even make you think.

How many moments do we let just pass up by? How many precious moments do we not appreciate? Trust me. I'm preaching to myself here. Or rather, God preached this to me tonight. I've realized the past few years, the more quiet I get, the more clearly I hear God. And the more quiet I get, the more sweet moments I have in life. This was evident tonight..

Lincoln loves Toy Story. But more importantly, he loves Buzz Lightyear. I mean really, he LOVES Buzz. Everything is 'Bu!" (His way of saying Buzz). With his second birthday quickly approaching (WAY too quickly approaching), I had decided that I was going to move him into a toddler bed when he turned two. However, I'm obviously not very good at waiting to give him things, thus the trampoline that is actually his second birthday present that got put together almost two months ago and he has been playing on ever since. I mean, really. I just like to see him smile! Back to my point.. I started looking at toddler beds to get him. I mean, his crib turns into a toddler bed, but what fun would that be? I began looking for Toy Story toddler beds and long story short, found one on Craigslist and went and picked it up today. I got my mom to distract Lincoln while I brought it in and set it up in his room. As I was taking his changing table out of his room I started looking back at all the things in his room and thinking back to when my mom and I set up his room while I was pregnant with him. Right after a really rough part of the pregnancy, my mom and I started working on Lincoln's room. We set up the crib with all his monkey sheets and blankets. We hung his name on his wall. We put monkey stickers on the wall. It was such a sweet time with my mom. It was probably when we started becoming so close and I started realizing who had really been there my whole life, and who always would be. Now I look back, and I cherish that memory and those moments with my mom. That's why tonight, I got teary eyed when I looked back at my little baby boy's room. He's almost two, and he's seriously growing up on me. Call me emotional, but it's so true. He's not my 6 pound 10 ounce baby boy anymore. I put him down at eight like usual, and I think the change scared him. He started crying and calling, 'Momma! Momma!" So I went and layed in his little Buzz Lightyear spaceship with him. I layed under his Toy Story comforter and we laughed back and forth while he played with my face and wouldn't settle down. My feet dangled off the edge and he hogged most of the bed. I'd get a serious look on my face and tell him we needed to stop playing and go to bed, and then he'd do something funny, grin, and we'd start giggling all over again. He'd close his eyes and lay his arm over me and I'd watch my little God given miracle move. And I honestly can't put into words what I felt during the hour that I layed with him but I can say that it was one of my favorite moments since Lincoln has been born. There is something about the laughter and innocence of a child (especially your own) that makes you value and appreciate life that much more.

What if we lived life being grateful for every moment that God brought our way? I mean, what would have happened if I had been eager to rush out of Lincoln's room to the next thing I needed to do? What if I hadn't gone and layed with him? And gotten to laugh with him and experience that joy? I would have missed out. I've watched people my age lose their parents this year. And people lose their children. Having Lincoln has taught me that life flies by. We need to slow down and learn to appreciate every day and every moment that we have. God gives us special moments to enjoy. To laugh. To cry. And to love every minute of it. We just have to take the time to revel in them. And maybe, just maybe, if we appreciated the special moments God gives us, He would give even more.
Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure. [Psalm 16:9]

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